Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Many tourists who have ever visited Kenya knows that Kenya is well known for her big five, the Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo. These big five are rare to find them. Tourists would visit destinations in several countries for a one- month trip and fail to see the big five. Among the five, Lion is the king of the jungle. We will discuss them one by one in depth as time goes by.
Kenya being among the top ten tourist destinations in Africa is also well known for her beautiful diversified landscape which is composed of mountains such as mount Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa. Due to cold climates at the top of the mountain and also the absence of enough oxygen for breathing which leads to suffocation of those who visit the area, the place is not suitable for settlement.Mount Kenya is located in central Kenya. It has a height of 5199m above the sea level. At the top , it is characterized by the presence of snow which occurs as a result of the cold climate . Other examples of landforms are valleys such as the Great Rift Valley. This valley covers both the Central and western Kenya with its great portion in the western region. Other examples of valleys are Kerio valley among others. Kenya has interesting cultures such as the Maasai culture. If a tourist is planning to visit Kenya and learn about the Maasai culture, he / she must visit Narok county, Maasai mara county among other Maasai counties. Here comes another beautiful part of nature. This is non other than the kakamega forest. This is a rainforest located in Kakamega county in the western region in Kenya. Kenya is also known for its natural water resources such as R. Tana whose source of water is from mount Kenya. This river does not dry up during dry seasons which means it is a permanent river. Other examples of rivers are the Ewaso Nyiro which supplies water to the northern eastern part of kenya. River Nzoia is also a water resource found in western part of Kenya. All these tourist attraction sites with others which Kenya the best tourist destinations. They can be referred to as" the bread winner of many Kenyans in the tourism industries", we will have a look at each together with their pictures.

In Kenya there a number of tourists' attraction sites. Each attraction site has its unique features which makes it differ from the other. Examples of attractions are those attractions with traditional artifacts, attractions with wildlife, attractions with historical records of various kenyan prominent leaders and politicians, attractions with cultures of kenyan people among others. All these attractions have different benefits to different groups of visitors/tourists. The choice of a destination depends with ones' motive towards that destination of choice. For example, a visitor who is interested in visiting places/ destinations with these artifacts cannot be told what to do when he, she arrives at the destination apart from the guiding rules of the attraction.When travelling to Kenya , different tour companies with the best tour guides will do their best to make sure that you, as their clients you are satisfied with what they have told you. The tour guide make sure that you achieve your goal of travelling to The destination.